Efficiency and safety in drill core logging process! 

Palsatech Oy has been designing and manufacturing logging table modules suitable for handling drill core samples since 2016. We have made major improvements to the traditional logging tables, which makes our product superior.


The most important advantages of the Palsa-Logging tables:

  • The height of the table can be adjusted to suit every employee at any time
  • A lifting unit can be integrated into the roller table module (less lifting for the staff) 
  • The lamps are integrated into the table (lights are always at a right angle in relation to the core sample)
  • Space-saving and durable construction. All our products are tested and CE-approved.


High quality custom design for every need



  • Rupert Finland Oy
  • Mawson Oy
  • LKAB


Please contact Mika Alasuutari

Phone. +358 40 5144 505 or email: mika.alasuutari@palsatech.fi